Remove PST Password

How To Remove PST Password When Lost Or Forgotten?

password unlocker tool for Outlook PST file

Passwords in PST file serve as a measure to secure your PST file from prying eyes of unintentional users.The files once secured, will not be accessible to anyone other than you. Every time you open the PST file, Outlook will prompt for a password to be entered. This proves to be an excellent way for ensuring the security of your PST files.

Although, this password imposition is a sure shot for securing PST files, at times this security tends to be problematic for the users when forgotten. Read on to find more.

Glitches In Relation With PST Password

The most common issue that arises with applying password on PST file is when the user forgets the password itself. This can happen in case the PST file was created by you a long time back and now you do not remember it.In addition, this can happen when you receive a PST file belonging to someone else in your office and the individual who had set the password is no longer available in the office. The organization is continuously rendering its efforts in the data recovery and migration software.

outlook pst password prompt window

Retrieve PST Password : Effective Solution For Password Removal

Since there exists no manual method with the help, of which we can retrieve PST Password.Therefore, deploying third party solution is the last resort to remove the existing password and impose a new password on the PST file. One such solution is PST Password Remover. The software removes the password imposed on the PST file and produces a PST file free from password. After this, the user can set a new password to the PST file and can secure it again. Thus,the software is an effectual solution for retrieving PST password by removing h older password and setting a new password.

Are you looking for PST Password Retrieval Utility?

All the above reasons call for a method by which you can remove the present password, as it is not possible to Remove PST Password that already exists. No manual solution whatsoever can enable you to retrieve the password that is imposed on the PST file.Therefore, in such a scenario, only third party solution can help you out to remove the old password from the PST file. The article gives a description of the PST password and the scenario, which demand the removal of the imposed passwords.In addition, an effective solution that can be used to remove the security of PST file has been accessed.